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Who are we?

Enge Energy offers solutions with new solar powered technologies


Our company continues its business by providing engineering services as well as manufacturing and contracting services as a result of the studies carried out in these areas. Enge Energy is constantly developing innovative products by utilizing solar energy.

Our company will continue to develop products and systems with a wide range of uses for a clean future that is sensitive to the environment and nature, which will minimize the problems of climate change and global warming.

Energy Saving Tips with the Right Systems

Dear Investor,

The importance of energy efficiency is increasing day by day. Just as time and production processes are important for every industrial company, it has become a greater competitive issue than ever in the points where businesses can save.

In addition to preparing themselves for the technologies of the future companies have started to produce social projects to reduce the effects of global warming in the world.

We see that time investment comes to the fore with a better understanding of process costs. But we do not see the damage we cause to our environment and our world while managing these processes.

We should not forget that we have to protect our world and the future of our children while we develop our business and earn money. Processes require employees to invest time, and minimizing costs also saves money.

The key to profitability is to reduce not just the purchasing costs of industrial equipment and investments, but the total cost of ownership (TCO). The right and efficient investment tools in engineering can drastically reduce TCO. The principles of 'savings management' have changed in the modern world. The problem is no longer 'What to do when', but 'What not to do and why', due to wrong investments and uninformed demands.

We would like to support you in systems where you can save on your fixed expenses in your investment processes and offer realistic alternative products. We can help you reduce your production costs and fixed expenses by providing you with system design, assembly services and, of course, smart and technological products.


Respectful to the World,
Respected in the World

Our company, which has completed important industrial projects with its dynamic, innovative management and infrastructure, has projects that will secure our future with the fossil fuel-free heating, cooling and ventilation products and systems it has developed due to the disasters brought by climate change, the negative effects of global warming and the increase in greenhouse gases in recent years.

The core of our company's " Respectful to the World, Respected in the World " strategy is R& D studies.

Our R & D Studies