Greenhouse and Coops Heating with New Technologies

Greenhouse and Coops Heating with New Technologies

With the Enge SolarBox technology developed as a result of Enge Energy's engineering studies, it can be used for space heating and fresh air circulation purposes, as well as a very efficient and effective method for greenhouse air conditioning.

SolarBox not only saves up to 80 percent in energy, but also helps to preserve the ecological balance by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases to nature.

Enge SolarBox systems reach a maximum efficiency level of approximately 60-80% in greenhouse heating applications, depending on the location and area. The most important benefit is that a wide range of airflow rates with high performance is achieved. While many similar products and systems experience loss of performance in airflows, our Enge SolarBox products maintain a high level of efficiency even at low airflows.
The most efficient and economical way to heat a greenhouse with solar energy is to apply Enge Solarbox technology.

Benefits of Enge Solarbox in Greenhouse Heating Area

Among the benefits of Enge Solarbox, one of Enge Energy's greenhouse heating solutions;

  • Provides indoor air quality.
  • Does not freeze in winter.
  • Does not overheat in summer.
  • The payback period is very short.
  • Supported by incentives and grants.
  • It offers the opportunity to benefit from various renewable energy loans.
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Ceiling Greenhouse Heating Solutions

Another greenhouse heating solution of Enge Energy is ceiling heating panels working with water radiant system.

Greenhouse Heating with Zehnder ZIP Radiant Ceiling Panels

Zehnder ZIP radiant ceiling panels offer different design possibilities with the help of their modular construction and with this feature, they become ideal for all kinds of greenhouse heating applications in terms of energy saving.

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First of all, low panel weight is among the leading selection criteria due to the low loads it exerts on the roof, as well as providing easy installation. All parts of radiant panels are resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal product for use in controlling air temperature and temperature distributions in humid environments. Aqueous radiant ceiling systems used in water radiant heating are installed with the engineering experience of Enge Energy.

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Heating and Ventilation of Coops

Heating, cooling and ventilation are as important as feed and water for a good house.
If a system is made to ensure animal health and comfort, optimum growth is achieved and quality meat is obtained
The optimum humidity, temperature, O (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), NH3 (Ammonia) should be kept under constant control in the living space of the animals.
If the temperature and humidity are not suitable in the living areas of poultry, the animals get stressed and do not grow. Even deaths occur.



Our Enge SolarBox products;
-It is easily integrated into poultry houses and such systems.
-Maintenance free. With their awesome performance, incredible savings are achieved.
-It is suitable for natural living conditions.
-With our Enge SolarBox products, efficiency in the range of 30% - 80% is achieved in heating and ventilation costs, depending on climatic conditions and solar performance.
-Great savings are achieved, keeping your money in your pocket.

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Stop Using Solid Fuel and Switch to Sustainable Heating Systems

Enge Coop Heating Devices provide heating of chicken coops using indoor or 100% fresh air, and prevent the passage of dust and particles with its superior filtering technology. It provides clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable heating.