R & D

We Develop Innovative Solutions with High-Level Technologies

"The vision of ENGE ENERGY

"Respectful to the World, Respectable to the World"

constitutes the essence of R&D studies. R&D studies are shaped within the framework of solar energy and heat and electricity generating systems developed in line with the company's growth targets."

We Develop Innovative Solutions
with High-Level Technologies

Enge Energy is increasing its R & D studies on new products and system solutions in its sector day by day. It continues its R & D studies especially on solar energy, ventilation and heating systems.
Enge Energy, which develops its own technology and stands out from the competition in its sector, considers R & D as a part of its strategy.

R & D programs, in line with the "company vision";

  • Respectful to the environment,
  • Reducing CO2 emissions,
  • Supporting the comfort and economy of the consumer,
  • Meeting current and future needs,
  • Compliant with standards,
  • Making a difference in competition,
  • Manufactured with quality material,
  • Design and manufacture easy-to-purchase products and systems
can be summarized as.

ENGE ENERGY, equipped with innovative technologies and conscious of R & D, has achieved many firsts by using solar energy in the heating, ventilation and cooling sector; will continue to offer its consumers environmentally friendly, new and advanced products and systems.

Our company continues to invest in research, technology, product and system development activities.

We produce Saving Systems for you

In this framework, products suitable for the target market are supported by competitive technologies, optimized design, systems that provide savings and environmentalist approaches. Our company carries out a KOSGEB supported R & D project on the research of "Hybrid Heating, Cooling, Ventilation System with Solarbox" in alternative industrial applications of solar energy, which is a renewable energy source.