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Developed as a result of intensive engineering studies, SolarBox products and systems are the easiest and most profitable solution to climate change, which reduces CO2 emissions by gaining from solar energy.

The main theme of SolarBox technology is based on the principle of converting the incoming sun rays into useful thermal energy with the absorption technique by reducing the heat losses to the environment with solar heat panels. Our products are among the most effective systems that meet the heating and ventilation needs of buildings. This type of systems, which are accepted as the technology of the century, has been accepted as the most effective ‘Solar Energy System’ of all time.

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Benefits of SolarBox

  • It does not freeze in winter. It does not overheat in summer.
  • In summer, it acts as passive cooling in roof and facade applications.
  • Maintenance costs are negligible, installation/assembly is simple and easy.
  • Air and the sun are a very good sources of energy for the SolarBox system.
  • It can be integrated into the architecture of the structures to be applied
  • It provides high thermal insulation and extends the life of the building.

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SolarBox Industrial

    li>It provides 70%-80% energy saving according to usage areas.
  • It meets the fresh air needs of businesses.
  • It prevents the stratification of dirty and hot air in industrial buildings.
  • SolarBox, which is applied according to climatic conditions, pays for itself in 1 to 3 years.


  • It provides 70%-80% energy saving depending on the usage.
  • Economic gain is achieved by increasing the use of solar energy in buildings.
  • It protects the building against rain and moisture on the applied surfaces and provides good insulation.
  • While contributing to the aesthetic appearance of the building, it also serves as insulation.

SolarBox Outdoor Environment Temperature
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SolarBox Absorbed Temperature
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