Solar Energy

Industrial Buildings and Factories

We install economical heating systems in factories, logistics warehouses, poultry houses, greenhouses, showrooms, etc. with our high-tech designs and supporting products.


Solar Panel

Product development

We develop heating and drying focused products and systems that reduce fossil fuel consumption by converting the potential energy from the sun into HEATING and ELECTRIC energy.

Product Development


Special Projects

In line with the demands of our customers, ENVIRONMENT HEATING with our high efficiency ZTIP ceiling heating panels, with our solar powered SolarBOX panels; We produce completely organic Plant, Vegetable, Fruit DRYING and HEATING solutions.



Enge Energy

"Enge Energy is an engineering company experienced in heating, cooling, ventilation, environment and solar energy."

Our company continues its business by providing engineering services as well as manufacturing and contracting services as a result of the studies carried out in these areas. Enge Energy is constantly developing innovative products by utilizing solar energy.

Our company will continue to develop products and systems for a clean future that is sensitive to the environment and nature, which will minimize the problems of climate change and global warming.

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Environmental and quality life with Enge energy

Solarbox Solar Heating Panels

Our SolarBox products are a fossil fuel-free efficient system that meets the heating and ventilation needs of buildings.


ZTIP Ceiling Heating Panels

ZTIP ceiling heating panels offer different design possibilities and solutions with their modular construction.


Solar Water Heating

Devices called solar collectors collect solar energy and transfer this energy as heat.


Solar Drying Systems

You can dry foods such as fruits and vegetables with the drying systems integrated with our SolarBox product.


Heat Pump

You can choose a heat pump system to heat and cool your home or reduce your energy bills.


Compressed Air Compressors

Energy efficient, compressed air compressor will be among our products very soon.



We Produce High Energy Saving Fossil Fuel-Free Systems.
Our goals against climate change;
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Formation and CO2 Emission
  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption
  • Using Recovered Energy
  • Installing More than 1 Million m2 Solarbox Heating Panels in 5 Years
  • Increasing Solar Energy Use in Buildings
  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Consumption in Buildings by 25% in the Near Future

Our Projects

Our Ongoing Projects

Toptepe Panorama

In Toptepe Panorama, water heating and hotel heating systems are made with solar energy.


Özkaya Elektrik

The natural gas installations of the concrete pole factory in Düzce have been delivered.


Son Yüksel Fındık

The project for the completion of heating, cooling, ventilation, compressed air, fire installation and mechanical processes will be carried out by us. For energy efficiency, ceiling heating panels will be used.

Our References

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