Enge Energy

Enge Energy; is an engineering company experienced in heating, cooling, ventilation, environment and solar energy.

2021 Data for Turkey


Natural Gas Consumption
(billion m3)


Electricity Consumption
(billion kw/hour)


Average annual total
sunshine duration


Our company continues its business by providing engineering services as well as manufacturing and contracting services as a result of the studies carried out in these areas. Enge Energy is constantly developing innovative products by utilizing solar energy.

Our company will continue to develop products and systems with a wide range of uses for a clean future that is sensitive to the environment and nature, which will minimize the problems of climate change and global warming.



SolarBox Solar Heating Panels

Our SolarBox products are a fossil fuel-free efficient system that meets the heating and ventilation needs of buildings.


Compressed Air Compressors

With Atlas Copco's easy-to-use, efficient and safe compressed air compressors, you can save significant energy.


ZTIP Ceiling Heating Panels

ZTIP ceiling heating panels offer different design possibilities and solutions with their modular construction.


Greenhouse Heating with New Technologies

Enge Energy's SolarBox technology and water radiant ceiling heating systems are also used for greenhouse heating.


Solar Drying Systems

With Enge SolarBox, you can dry fruits, vegetables and herbs safely and hygienically with our integrated systems .


Mobile Solar Drying Systems

With Enge SolarBox, you can dry organically and hygienically with the effect of the sun wherever you want.


Our Projects

Our Ongoing Projects

With our years of engineering experience, we continue to install heating, cooling, ventilation, mechanical and fire systems of many factories and facilities in and around Düzce.

We produce more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems. Find Your Solution

Who are we?

Environmental and Quality

Instead of making projects prepared according to stereotyped and book values, it develops solutions that provide maximum benefit and energy saving by experiencing it personally and keeping the wishes of the users in the foreground.

Our projects are carried out with the highest level of technology applications, efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground, without compromising on quality. While providing these services, the sector is also conscious.

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Clean Energy, Clean Future!

We Produce High Energy Saving Fossil Fuel-Free Systems.

Our goals against climate change;

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Formation and CO2 Emission
  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption
  • Using Recovered Energy
  • Installing More than 1 Million m2 Solarbox Heating Panels in 5 Years
  • Increasing Solar Energy Use in Buildings
  • Reducing Fossil Fuel Consumption in Buildings by 25% in the Near Future

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